What to Do

If you believe a loved one is using while pregnant, understand that they cannot deal with addiction alone and addicts can’t “just stop.” Remember, support is essential in a person’s recovery from drug or alcohol abuse. Help them get professional medical help by encouraging them to call 211 to speak with someone about getting treatment, or find a treatment center in your area here.

Before you talk to your loved one about getting help, you need to talk to them about their drug or alcohol problem. It’s important that you remain supportive and do not confront the person in a way that could make them feel angry or judged. It might help to hire an intervention specialist, or even just get some advice from a professional. Contact a treatment center in your area to ask them about the best way to start helping your loved one.

It is important for people to have emotional support, as well as professional medical help, during their recovery. Do your best to be supportive of your friend or family member and get them the help they need.

Here’s How to Find Help Right Now


Find a Treatment Center

Find Help Now

Tell them you are pregnant and you need help now.


If you are refused immediate treatment, call.