Types of Available Care

Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing includes short-term residential, support services for clients who need a safe and structured environment to support their recovery process after detoxification. These programs are designed to help those who need services between immediate treatment and residential rehabilitation, outpatient or other aftercare.


Detox Programs provide 24-hour nursing care, under the consultation of a medical director to monitor an individual’s withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs and alleviate symptoms.

Opioid Treatment Services

Opioid Treatment provides medically monitored treatment services for clients who are addicted to opiate drugs such as heroin or pain medications and have a history of chronic relapse. Opioid treatment services combine medical and pharmaceutical interventions (such as treatments using methadone or buprenorphine) with professional outpatient counseling, education, and vocational services.

Outpatient Services

Outpatient Services provide treatment for those affected by the use of alcohol or other drugs. Clients are assisted in gaining and maintaining skills for a substance-free lifestyle.  Individuals must be medically stabilized and not in need of urgent inpatient services.

Residential Services

Residential Treatment Programs provide immediate, 24-hour treatment for individuals who require intensive care and support due to their alcohol and/or other drug use. Residential services focus on providing individuals with the necessary recovery skills to help prevent immediate relapse.

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